Week 4 - GSoC 2020

With this, the fourth week and phase 1 of GSoC 2020 is over. Here I will give you a brief summary of my progress this week.

The initial days were spent mostly on modifying unit tests for Series and Parallel classes which I added in the previous week. I also looked into the implementation ideas for these classes.

Then in the following days, I added a rough implementation of both classes in the PR. I couldn’t complete the implementation this week because I feel I didn’t get a good starting point and a direction over the course of this week. There was a specific point where I got stuck and had to get some ideas from my mentors, but instead, I tried to tackle it on my own and wasted a lot of time on that, so that was not productive.

But I will discuss that implementation detail with my mentors soon, and complete the PR by the end of week 5.

Last week was not that productive compared to the previous weeks, but all in all, I can easily say that in this phase I have managed to learn a lot, and gain some experience in writing library code.