GSoC 2020 - Community Bonding Period

On May 4, I got an email from Google that my proposal with SymPy has been accepted! Seriously, that was the best day of my life. I have learned a lot from this open source community from the past 6 months, and I hope to continue that.

The community bonding period for GSoC has concluded. And I have managed to:

  • Discuss the basic API design for the control package with my mentors.

  • Sync my GSoC blog with planet-sympy.

  • Open up an issue to keep track of the changes and tasks for adding this package.

  • properly discuss how the TransferFunction, StateSpace and TransferFunctionMatrix class would look like. Thanks to my mentor Jason Moore for preparing a list of required functionality to be added in TransferFunction class.

In conclusion, I think this community bonding period was indeed productive and important for me as this saves time during the actual coding period. I would like to thank my official mentors (Ishan, Nikhil and Jason) and also S.Y. Lee for constantly guiding me in this crucial period.